Feldman-Vorwerk Internship Award

The Feldman-Vorwerk Internship Award provides support for two undergraduates majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences who have an interest in pursuing a career with connections to social psychology, are doing a social psychology-focused internship over the summer, have a cumulative GPA or 3.5 and above, and have high financial need as determined by the the Financial Aid Office.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide documentation of your summer internship. The internship can be either applied or research-based but needs to focus on some aspect of social psychology. Documentation can take many forms including an email from either the internship supervisor or your PBS faculty internship sponsor.
  2. Are you interested in pursuing a graduate degree in social psychology?
  3. Please write a statement about your interest in social psychology and how your summer internship will contribute to your academic or career goals.