Women for UMass Amherst Grant Application

Each year, Women for UMass Amherst awards grant funding to worthy campus programs or projects. In the past, individual awards have ranged between $1,000-10,000. The application process to receive funds from the WFUM fund consists of three steps:

  1. Applicants submit the WFUM award application online. Applications will be reviewed by WFUM Steering Committee members who will narrow down the pool of applicants to a group of Finalists. You must download the budget summary document and upload the completed document as part of your application.
  2. Finalists will meet with the Steering Committee in a virtual meeting to answer a few questions based on the application submitted. The Steering Committee will then select Award recipients.
  3. Based on recommendations from the Steering Committee, all contributors to the WFUM Fund will have the opportunity to vote on how the funding will be awarded.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for funding of any project that forwards the mission and goals of UMass Amherst. Preference will be given to projects that speak to the mission of Women for UMass Amherst and the purpose of the WFUM Fund.

Please click here for the full list of rules and guidelines.