Edward D. Shirley Scholarship

Established to endow a scholarship for undergraduates enrolled in the Isenberg School of Management. In their personal statements, eligible students must show a willingness to expand the boundaries of their education through study abroad, meaningful community-based work experience or have taken extra coursework to enhance their knowledge of a future career field. Ideally, the chosen student will have an understanding of working in a global business environment. Qualified applicants must also have an outstanding academic record and demonstrate financial need through their application with the Financial Aid Office.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you studied abroad or do you plan to study abroad this year or within the coming years?
  2. If so, please explain in detail your experiences abroad or your future plans (ex. where are you going, when you are going, and your purpose for studying abroad).
  3. Please explain if you have participated in any community service projects.
  4. Have you taken extra course work to enhance you knowledge of your future career field?
  5. If yes, please explain.
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