SBS Advance Award for Summer Internships

SBS wants you to pursue your interests and take on an internship without worrying about whether you’ll get paid. That’s why we’ve created the SBS Advance Internship Scholarship – a fund that enables you to seek a summer internship with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll have a substantial scholarship to cover your expenses. This scholarship is only open to SBS majors.

SBS is especially eager to fund students who may have thought an internship was out of reach. Thanks to our generous SBS donors, we now can help students plan and pursue this important aspect of their SBS Pathways without the financial worry. Apply by the deadline, and you’ll know before spring semester begins if you’ll have funding – pro-rated at $15/hour for up to $6000 for a full-time summer internship.

How does it work? Instead of getting an internship and then getting a scholarship, the SBS Advance Internship Scholarship lets you turn the process around:

Apply for a scholarship this winter.
Find out in early February whether you will receive a scholarship.
Awardees will attend a workshop at the beginning of the spring on how to get started finding an internship.
Start looking for an internship this spring, and meet with the SBS career team for support in the process.
Once you land an approved internship, your scholarship amount will be confirmed.
You’ll receive your award in late spring to fund a summer internship.
The scholarship amount depends on how many hours you work – up to $6000
SBS will pay for you to receive one internship credit, and you will participate in a summer series of meetings with the other awardees and the career team, to get tips and advice on finding success in your internship, and to discuss and get support for any issues that may arise in the workplace.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please provide an essay that describes the internship you will complete. How will the internship help you meet both academic and career goals?
  2. What semester will your internship take place?
  3. Please list the name of your internship employer.
  4. Please list your internship city and state.
  5. Will your internship be full or part time?
  6. Will you be working remotely or on site?
  7. How many weeks?
  8. How many hours per week?
  9. Will your internship be paid or unpaid?
  10. Will you be living at home during your internship?
  11. Please upload your current resume.
  12. Budget spreadsheet upload.
  13. Transfer students in your first semester at UMass, please upload a copy of the transcript from your previous institution.
  14. Show 8 more