Meghan K. Beebe Award

The Senior Speaker Award is dedicated to the memory of Sociology Major Meghan K. Beebe who had completed her degree but was tragically killed before receiving her diploma. Meghan loved sociology, was a founding member of Sociology Club, and was committed to exploring the ways she could incorporate sociology into her post-graduate pursuits. The Meghan K. Beebe Senior Speaker Award is granted to one exceptional senior sociology major with strong writing and presentation skills who will speak on behalf of graduating sociology majors at the SBS Senior Celebration Commencement ceremony.

Supplemental Questions
  1. This award recognizes an enthusiastic sociology Senior who has strong writing and public speaking skills that will speak on behalf of sociology at the SBS Senior Celebration Commencement Ceremony. Submit a 1-2 minute speech, illustrating the impact that sociology has had in your personal life, or describing sociology as an inspirational outlet for making a difference and impacting the lives of others. Dedicated in remembrance of sociology student Meghan Beebe. Must be a senior to apply.