Andrew D. Wise Memorial Endowment Fund

Andrew Wise received his BS in geology in 1990. His parents established the Andrew D. Wise Memorial Endowment Fund in 2007 to provide support to students in the Geology Program for expenses and for programs or items for which other sources of support are not available. Examples of the types of expenses for which support is to be made available include, but are not limited to: research travel expenses, especially for field travel with researchers in order to be involved with their research and to generate data for student research projects; travel to meetings in order to present results of student research; research expenses for expendable items including film, software, key books or journals, satellite images, and geophysical data sets; travel expenses for Five College field trips (extensive travel) that are partially funded by Five Colleges, Inc. but typically require a student contribution toward costs; and emergency situations—for student expenses for books, supplies, or fees. Applications by students must include supporting rationale.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is the expense for which you are submitting a request for support (i.e. research travel, item, supplies, etc.)?
  2. What is your estimated budget?
  3. Please write a statement about the scientific merit of your project.