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Blauer Manufacturing Company

The Blauer Manufacturing Company was established in 1936 and produced uniforms for safety personnel. Since then, Blauer uniforms have been legendary for their top quality construction and use of premium materials that stand up to the rain, wind, cold, and snow. Blauer garments have always been performance oriented and built to last. During 2016, Blauer will celebrate 80 years (and four generations!) of success in making top quality uniforms. Charles L. and Claire (Costa) Blauer met at UMass Amherst while attending school. Charles graduated as a member of the class of 1951 and Claire was class of 1961. Charles and Claire had four children, three of whom are UMass Amherst graduates: Michael J. Blauer, Class of 1976; Sharyn D. (Blauer) Proia, Class of 1976; and Stephen J. Blauer, Class of 1978. The Blauer Family established this scholarship fund to honor their family’s legacy at UMass Amherst and to assist students who are children of police or fire department personnel.

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Mr. Blauer