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Below you will find a listing of scholarships available to currently enrolled UMass Amherst students with brief information about the scholarship qualifications. To apply to scholarships, you must first sign in with the same user name and password you use to access the campus login portal.

What to Expect:

  • You will be presented with the general application after logging in.
  • After completing and submitting the general application, you will be presented with any additional school/college-specific questions, based on your major(s). Please note that you will not see your school/college-specific application until the application period for your school/college opens.
  • After completing and submitting any applicable school/college-specific questions, you will be presented with any scholarships where we need additional information to determine your eligibility, if applicable. Not all students will be presented with these applications where additional information is required.
  • After submitting each of these steps, you can see your application status on your dashboard. If your status is not listed as “submitted,” you have not fully completed your application.
  • If you are selected to receive a scholarship, you will receive an email notification to your UMass email account.

When browsing ‘All’ scholarships, please note that this is a list of all the scholarship opportunities within the UMass Amherst scholarship system, not scholarships for which you are receiving consideration. The number and award amount of the scholarships listed are for general purposes only and should not be considered a guarantee of what you will receive if selected. Actual award amounts vary based on students’ individual eligibility, funds available, and other factors.

For more information about the UMass Amherst scholarship system, please see our FAQ Page.

Important note:
Once you submit your general application, you will be automatically matched with scholarships for which you may qualify. You will NOT see your auto-matched scholarships. Qualifying/Matching does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Varies Garrett G. Hollands Memorial Scholarship
The Garrett G. Hollands Memorial Scholarship provides scholarship...
varies Geography Alumni Award
The Geography Alumni Award was established in 1995 with gifts from...
$0.00 Geology Research/Fieldwork Awards Application
This is the common application for the following Geology awards: 1....
$1,900.00 Joseph Hartshorn Graduate Scholarship in Quaternary Geology
The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarship support to one or...
$1,700.00 Lee Allison Memorial Scholarship
Established to recognize an outstanding graduate student enrolled in the...
varies Randolph and Cecile Bromery Undergraduate Scholarship
Established as part of the Randolph W. Bromery Fund by the late Dr....
Varies Sara Lennox Scholarship Fund
Scholarships are available provided for by the Sara Lennox Scholarship...
Varies Sheila J. Seaman Student Research Fund
Established to provide support for undergraduate and graduate students...
$2,400.00 Milt Cole Memorial Scholarship
The Milt Cole Memorial Scholarship helps support students interested in...
$500 Economics Writing Award
This award is presented to an Economics major who has demonstrated...
$2,500 F. Ward McCarthy Scholarship for Interns
This award was made possible by the generosity of F. Ward McCarthy ’73....
$1000 - $3000 HFA Dean’s Undergraduate Scholarship and Research Fund
This scholarship supports an undergraduate HFA student engaging in...
Varies Ned Taft Scholarship Fund in Environmental Conservation
Established to provide financial support for undergraduate students who...
$2,000.00 SPHHS OCP Scholarship - Summer Internships 2024
This scholarship is to support students in pursuing an unpaid summer...
Varies Louis Greenbaum History Honors Research Award
Established to support rising seniors enrolled as majors in the...
Varies Sam Butterfield Daily Collegian Memorial Scholarship
Supports a student (any major, campus-wide). In order to qualify for...
$5,000.00 Crowley Family Scholarship for Veterans
Funded by SBS Alum Dennis Crowley and his wife Peggy, the Crowley Family...
Varies Dempsey Opportunity Fund for BDIC
Supports BDIC students pursuing internships in their area of...
$0.00 Developmental Disabilities and Human Service Endowment Award
The Developmental Disabilities and Human Service Endowment was...
Varies Feldman-Vorwerk Internship Award
The Feldman-Vorwerk Internship Award provides support for two...
$5,000 Futures of Art History Scholarship
Provides scholarship support to upper-level History of Art and...
varies Joanne Daughdrill Scholarship
The Joanne Daughdrill Scholarship is given to a student pursuing an...
varies Mary Carney Rockwell Scholarship
Mary Carney Rockwell was a member of the Class of 1945. She and her...
varies Richard S. Milstone Psychology Scholarship
The Richard S. Milstone Psychology Scholarship provides a scholarship to...
$5000 Go Get the Sustainable World (GGSW) Scholarship
Funded by alum Ms. Tricia Yacovone-Biagi, the Go Get the Sustainable...
Varies The Joel D. Lapin and Family Scholarship in Social Sciences
Created to honor the memory of Joel’s parents Aaron and Anne Lapin....
Varies Summer UWW Department of Interdisciplinary Studies Scholarship Application
Complete this application to be considered for summer 2024 scholarships...
Varies Undergraduate Child Care Support - Student Parent Programs
Student Parent Programs awards funding to undergraduate student parents...
Varies Aidan Connolly Memorial Scholarshp
The purpose of the fund will be to provide scholarship support to...
Varies Albert Pierpont Madeira Scholarship Endowment Fund
Established to provide scholarships to sophomores, juniors, and seniors...
Varies Alpha Sigma Phi Scholarship
Scholarship for a student with need.
Varies Amherst General Endowment Scholarship
Established to provide scholarships for undergraduate students at the...
Varies Andrea Kane Scholarship
Established to provide scholarship assistance to undergraduates using...
Varies Anne Hassett Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to an intellectually gifted, genuinely...
Varies Apodaca Scholarship
Scholarship for undergraduate students.
Varies Arnstein Cross Community Scholarship
The purpose of the fund will be to provide scholarship support for...
Varies Beta Kappa Phi-Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship
Students must demonstrate high financial need as determined by the...
Varies Betsy C. Pinkerton Scholarship
Two scholarships per year for students from Worcester.
Varies Betty and Bill Bonsey Scholarship
To provide scholarship support to sophomores, juniors and seniors with...
Varies Blauer Family Scholarship
The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship support to...
Varies Bradford & Elaine Parker Scholarship
Established to award scholarships annually to students for their senior...
Varies Caroline B. Chapin Scholarship
To help defray the expenses of a needy student. Established because of...
Varies Charles A. Gleason Scholarship
Established to provide funding for general scholarships for worthy...
Varies Charles S. Dickinson Scholarship
Established by Walter E. Dickinson in memory of his father, Charles S....
Varies Clarence C. Hardy Scholarship
Preference will be given to students from the town of Groveland or...
Varies Class of 1882 Scholarship
Established to provide scholarships to worthy students in the junior or...
Varies Class of 1911 Scholarship
Used for a student who themselves earn a matching amount.
Varies Class of 1913 Scholarship
Scholarships for needy and deserving students.
Varies Class of 1914 Scholarship
Scholarship for students with financial need.
Varies Class of 1918 Scholarship
Scholarship for needy students.