Family and friends of Anne Farmer Momot

Family and friends of Anne Farmer Momot

Anne Farmer Momot was born in Syracuse, New York. In 1978, she earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Home Economics Education from the State University of New York College at Oneonta. Financial support from the state’s Tuition Assistance Program enabled her to complete her degree. She began her career in education teaching middle and high school Home Economics at a small rural school in central New York State. She earned a Master of Arts in Consumer Studies from Syracuse University in 1983. In 1986, Anne moved to Maryland with her husband, a Federal Employee, and taught Middle School Home Economics in the Prince George’s County School District. In 1989, the couple moved to Washington State. Anne served as a substitute teacher in three school districts until the birth of their first child in 1992.

The family moved to Massachusetts in 1998. Anne continued as a homemaker and caring for their two children, one of whom has a disability. Once the children were in school, Anne devoted many hours to volunteering in their classrooms. In 2005, she returned to the classroom as a Special Education Instructional Aide, first, at the Wildwood Elementary School and then Amherst
Middle School. She supported students with intensive needs until her death in 2013.

Anne inspired others through her strengths of organization, teamwork and passion for student learning, independence and knowledge. She was noted for being prepared and organized, having superior classroom management skills, being a team player, and a consummate professional. In all four states in which she taught, Anne earned the respect and admiration of her students and colleagues.

Anne was a great advocate for her students and was sensitive to their individual needs. She modeled for her students what it was to be kind, courageous, and enthusiastic. When a coach was needed, Anne was there. She coached field hockey and volley ball. When the ski club needed a faculty advisor, Anne volunteered, even though she didn’t ski. She spent many extra hours preparing for her classes and students. Her classrooms were bright, attractive and well organized. Anne put forth the effort to ensure that positive things happened during her classes.

Anne will be best remembered for her inner strength, her energy, and selfless dedication to her students and family. Her many students benefited from Anne’s warmth, patience and boundless support. Her co-workers appreciated her collegial attitude, dedication, competence, professionalism and guidance.

This scholarship is intended to honor Anne Farmer Momot’s legacy by supporting a student in need of financial aid, who is attending a state school and plans to teach Special Education Students. This scholarship is being established at UMass Amherst in appreciation of the many relationships our family has developed with various staff and students from several departments.

Please address thank you letters to: Mr. Farmer and Mr. Momot.