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Friends and Family of Professor Howard H. Quint

The Howard H. Quint Memorial Prize in Honors was established by the UMass Board of Trustees with funds donated by colleagues, friends and family from throughout the United States to honor the memory of the late Professor of History Howard H. Quint. Professor Quint was the author of several books including, The Forging of American Socialism (1958), which was chosen by President John F. Kennedy for the White House Library. He also wrote Profiles in Black and White, a study of desegregation in South Carolina.

Professor Quint is not only remembered for the quality of his scholarship, but also for his teaching and administrative contributions at the University over 21 years. He served as head of the History Department during a particularly crucial period of its development. As a teacher he was devoted to promoting good writing, especially among Honors students with whom he felt a particular affinity because he had been a co-founder, and first director, of the University Honors Program. And so, Professor Quint’s Colleagues decided that endowing a scholarship for an outstanding Honors student would be a fitting memorial to him.

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