Marjorie R. Harrison

Marjorie R. Harrison

Marjorie R. Harrison attended Brandeis University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1969, then she earned a master’s degree from the UMass Amherst College of Education in 1972. Halfway through graduate school, Marjorie joined the Peace Corps in 1974 and served in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a Teaching English as a Second Language advisor. Following the Peace Corps, she returned to the U.S. where she worked briefly teaching English to foreign students, and then as a Leaning Resources Specialist for an Armenian-English bilingual program. With two other returning Peace Corps volunteers, Marjorie helped to start the Boston Area Returned
Peace Corps Volunteers in 1977.

Marjorie returned to UMass Amherst to finish a doctoral program in education and start a career in Student Affairs Administration, earning her doctoral degree in 1981. After UMass/Amherst, she moved to upstate New York for a position as Assistant Dean of Students at Colgate University. While at Colgate, Marjorie was also involved in the local community, serving as the Executive Director of the Madison County Rape Crisis Service. In 1984, Marjorie moved to Pittsburgh, PA to work at Chatham College (now Chatham
University) as the Dean of Students. In Pittsburgh, she was an active member of the Pittsburgh Area Peace Corps Association and also served on the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Women’s Shelter.

In her early forties, Marjorie joined the U.S. Foreign Service in 1992 as a Public Diplomacy Officer with the US Information Agency (now merged with the Department of State). She has served in U.S. embassies in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Benin, India, Mauritius, and Malaysia.

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