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Tricia Yacovone-Biagi

Tricia Yacovone-Biagi is a 1987 alumna of the UMass Amherst BDIC program. She began her professional career as a bilingual public health investigator for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where she was assigned to state and local health departments that served large Spanish-speaking populations around the nation. She transitioned from there to medical writing and translating in the private and public sectors, running a freelance translation and interpreting business, and finally moving into healthcare IT, where she was one of the first employees of a software start-up that was acquired by a Fortune 100 corporation in 2017.

Believing in the benefits of hard work and focus combined with the courage to forge ahead into the unknown, Ms. Yacovone-Biagi co-founded Go Get The World (GGTW), a non-profit that encourages, embraces, and empowers women to chase their dreams and seek out the kind of life they desire. She sponsors scholarships at UMass to express her gratitude for the outstanding education she received here, and values the opportunity to jumpstart amazing adventures for motivated students.

Please address your thank you letter to Ms. Yacovone-Biagi