Corinne A. Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Established to provide scholarships to recognize exceptional students in the Public Health Sciences undergraduate program with demonstrated interest in Environmental Health Sciences and graduate program in Environmental Health Sciences. The scholarship will be awarded to undergraduate and/or graduate students with a preference for awarding two equal scholarships each academic year, one each to a man and a woman. Qualified students will have a declared major in the Department of Public Health with a focus on Environmental Health Sciences, and shall be in good academic standing. Recipients must show academic merit, with a minimum of 3.2 college equivalent grade point average, and demonstrate financial need through their application with the Financial Aid Office. Preference will be given to those who exhibit the qualities and spirit of Corinne A. Johnson, including a commitment to community service, volunteerism and leadership. Successful candidates should be deeply committed to public health, have an excellent academic record, demonstrate leadership qualities, show a spirit of community service and be well rounded in their interests and attitudes.

Supplemental Questions
  1. In 500 words, describe how you embody the qualities and spirit of Corinne Johnson.
  2. In 250 words, describe how you have contributed to Environmental Health Sciences at UMass.