Student Parent Programs - Graduate Student Child Care Subsidy Program

Student Parent Programs awards funding to graduate student parents to help defray the cost of child care expenses and help students focus on their educational goals. Eligibility for funding is limited to student parents with documented financial need (as determined by Financial Aid Services and Student Parent Programs) with current or anticipated eligible child care expenses. As you complete the application, please consider all options that will allow you the best chance of success in your program this year. Your child care plan may include a mix of several types of child care options – please include all that you anticipate utilizing this year.

The child care subsidy is awarded to student parents as a reimbursement for documented expenses or directly to the child care provider. This subsidy is for graduate students only. If you are an undergraduate student, please apply using the undergraduate child care subsidy application.

To qualify for child care subsidies, student parents must be actively enrolled at UMass Amherst as an undergraduate or graduate student on a part-time or full-time basis and must meet the income eligibility criteria for program participants – similar to Pell grant income eligibility, determined through Financial Aid Services and federal tax documents.

We primarily fund child care through licensed and accredited providers however, some funding may be available for other types of child care. Please note that the majority of our funds are restricted by our funding source to licensed and accredited providers only.

Child care expenses can include daycare, pre-k, before and after school programs, and summer child care through EEC licensed or nationally accredited providers. Some babysitting, home-based non-EEC licensed care, and other informal child care may also qualify for limited funding.

Subsidies will be determined based on applicant demonstrated need, enrollment status and may be adjusted based on funds available within the program or a change to applicant’s status.

Please do not apply for this opportunity if you will not have a dependent child in your care at least part-time

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have one or more dependent children or are you currently expecting a child?
  2. Do you need assistance finding a childcare provider?
  3. How many of your children will be in paid child care during the academic year?
  4. Please provide your child(ren)'s names AND date(s) of birth (and/or due date, if applicable).
  5. Household Status (Required by CCAMPIS DOE grant)
  6. Do you consider yourself a single parent?
  7. Total Household Members
  8. Annual Household Gross Income
  9. What types of child care and out-of-school-time support will your family need this year? (check all that apply)
  10. What are your estimated monthly childcare expenses for the academic year?
  11. If your child(ren) is currently registered for/enrolled in a childcare program, please provide the name and contact information for the provider(s).
  12. Are you receiving any other forms of assistance to help pay for child care? If yes, please list source and amount.
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