History Graduate Travel Grant

This fund provides travel grants to graduate students majoring in History. Awards are made in the spring semester. (For year-round travel funding, please see the History Alumni Graduate Travel Award.)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a two-page statement detailing the research that will be augmented by your travel and how it fits into your thesis or dissertation.
  2. Please submit a budget.
  3. Have you received a previous travel award?
  4. If you have received a previous travel award, please explain how another award would allow you to further pursue the research done with the earlier award.
  5. I am willing to have an informal conversation with a donor and a representative of the HFA Dean's Office via Zoom.
  6. I give permission for the College of Humanities and Fine Arts/UMass Amherst Foundation to use post-acceptance information submitted on its website or in other publicity and promotional material.
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