College of Natural Sciences Graduate Student Fellowship COVID Relief Fund

Generous donors to the College of Natural Sciences have established a fund to support students whose doctoral research was interrupted due to COVID-19. These fellowship funds are for graduate students who experienced a significant disruption in their research due to the pandemic. Funds are intended to provide up to a 20-hour Research Assistantship in the summer of 2021, based upon need and availability of funds.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please indicate what area your research falls in:
  2. Upload a .pdf proposal that contains the following: 1. A one page, single-spaced COVID statement that describes how the COVID-19 pandemic affected your research, how it altered the timeline to your degree completion, and how this funding will affect your graduation timeline, 2. Your Curriculum vitae, 3. A short letter of support from your Advisor that indicates that you are in good standing in your program and an explanation of why funds are unavailable to support your research.
  3. By selecting "I understand" you indicate that you are aware that if you are a financial aid recipient and choose to accept this fellowship award, it may (most likely will) be counted as an outside scholarship on your file, which may affect loan eligibility for the academic year. Students will be issued a Form 1098-T, which is used to report information related to the education tax credits, not a W2. Students can reference document IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, which is available at or consult with your tax advisor. We are not in a position, nor are we knowledgeable enough to offer any personal tax advice. The College of Natural Sciences cannot answer specific questions about students' taxes.