The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts Scholarships

The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts administers scholarship and loan funds. Last year alone, the program attracted around 2,500 applications and awarded approximately $2 million to over 700 recipients and is recognized as one of the largest programs of the 700 plus community foundations in the country.

These scholarship and interest-free student loan funds support students seeking access to the opportunities offered by higher education and play a substantial role in providing an educated citizenry. Some of the funds help students from a particular school or area; others provide financial assistance to those pursuing a specific field of study; still others assist students that are most in need. Scholarship and interest-free loan awards are reviewed by volunteer committees and approved by the Trustees.

In addition to completing the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts application found on their website, you must arrange to have your school send your most recent official academic transcript to the Community Foundation. Also, the submission of a Student Aid Report (SAR) is required.