Bonnie Lynn Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the Bonnie Lynn Memorial Scholarship is to award an annual scholarship to a student enrolled in the Isenberg School of Management who demonstrates financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office, and submits an application to the Scholarship Committee exhibiting a strong determination in the pursuit of their goals. The individual awarded this scholarship will be someone who has succeeded in the face of adversity, while not having sacrificed their humor and compassion. Diane Keedy would like to offer this scholarship to a student pursuing a business degree with a focus on entrepreneurship through the Isenberg School of Management.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently pursuing a business degree with a focus on entrepreneurship?
  2. If yes, please explain the entrepreneurship component.
  3. Please explain a time that you were faced with adversity (medical, physical, economic, family circumstance, or other situation) and how you were able to overcome this and successfully move forward.